How to Create a Memorable Slogan in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

If you are feeling something is missing in your business identity, then it's a great slogan. Before we get into details if you are struggling to decide a name for your business then check our article on how to come up with the business name in 2023.

How to create a memorable slogan in 2023:
How to create a memorable slogan in 2023:

What is slogan?

A slogan is a catchy phrase that communicates the message of business. It let your potential customer know what is the difference between you and the competitor in market. A great slogan can answer the common questions that are associated with business for example why people should avail your services? What problem your business is solving or why you are doing this. etc.

Do you really need a slogan for your business?

If you are confused whether your business need a slogan or not then let me tell you. Your business definitely needs a great slogan. Here is the reason why

· If You are new in the business then there is a higher chance that no one knows about your product or services that you are offering.

· If you already own a business, its time to grow your business.

Tips for creating a memorable slogan

The tips to creating a memorable slogan are

1. Simple and short is better

Customers are more comfortable to read short and easy slogans rather than long and complex ones. A simple slogan clearly states the message of business in simple words rather then complex words. Nikes, McDonalds just do it and I am lovin' its slogans respectively are great example of simple slogans although it's difficult to create such short and great slogan but you can try and come up with because it's not impossible.

A short slogan is easy to be remembered. Moreover, it becomes a difficult task to print your slogan on broachers, pamphlets or newspapers if its too long. You will be using website, social media and digital marketing platforms to spread your message, if its too long to fit on page then it will not only be ignored by readers but also it may not fit complete on specific screen area.

For example, Avis is an American rental car company for 50 years their slogan was Avis is only No.2 in rent a car. So why go with us ? Isn't it too long? It looks like some movie dialogue not slogan. Try not to create such kind of slogans as they take time to be read, and most of the time they are skipped by customers. Imagine yourself on a highway driving your car and you see this slogan written on billboard, first of all its not catchy but if it did catch your attention then you will have to slow down your car or even stop it to read it complete. So, whose got time to stop a car just to read a slogan.

Simple and short is better
Simple and short is better

2. Make it Long-lasting

Don't make a slogan that is inspired by some on going event. Those slogans that are inspired by such events becomes dated soon. For example, back in 2000s there were a lot of network issues in communicating through phones. In that time the Verizon slogan "can you hear me know? Good." Made sense but now it doesn't. The reason is technological improvements, now every mobile company provides the best services. So, they changed their slogan.

3. Make it unique

It good to make a generic slogan, but too generic leads to unsuccessful slogan. The reason is too generic slogan can be used by your competitor. Try to make a slogan which only you can use it. For example, we bring you success or the best customer service 24/7 are too generic and boring enough to be avoided by consumer.

Make it unique
Make it unique

We have an ideal example of Nike (just do it), you will barely find a business that has used do it or just do in their slogan. So, remember you are making slogan for your business, not for someone's else.

4. Focus on your audience, not on your company

If your slogan focuses on your business rather your customer, then your customer will wonder why they should they avail your services. If your slogan doesn't engage your audience then it's a not great slogan. Your main focus should be on customer it will create a kind of relation between your business and customer. Try to avoid making promises, tell them the benefits.

Focus on your audience, not on your company
Focus on your audience, not on your company

For example, Loreal slogan back in 1973 was "Because I'm worth it", it's more like a brand that is self-praising, it's not communicating to its audience. In mid 2000s this slogan was replaced to "Because you are worth it". Just changing the I with You created a great impact.

5. How they will feel using your product

Your slogan should let the customers know how are they going to feel using your product. If your customer can't link their feelings with your slogan then it would be would not be an effective slogan. The more you make your customers emotionally connected with your business the more you will make customers.

How they will feel using your product
How they will feel using your product

For example, Disneyland slogan "The happiest place on earth" clearly states how you will feel once you visit Disneyland i.e. Happy and you know what it feels to be happy.

How they will feel using your product
How they will feel using your product

Another example is Coca Cola slogan "Open Happiness", so basically you are not only opening the cap of bottle but also the happiness that is associated with Coca Cola cold drink. Whether its late-night party, barbeque party or some celebration you will always find the Coca Cola bottle there. So, the Coca Cola has very cleverly used their slogan to associate it with people happiness.

6. Avoid controversies

A controversial slogan may be effective for some period of time but it will create a lot of troubles for your business. Never make controversial slogan just to win the race against your competitors. For example In late 1940s and 50s the cigarette companies used to persuade people that smoking doesnot cause health problem.

Avoid controversies
Avoid controversies

Camel is an American cigarette brand which slogan was "More Doctors Smoke Camels than any other cigarette". Just take a look at their 1949 TV advertisement

. The 1964 surgeons general report made the doctors to come against cigarettes which sates that smoking causes lung cancer. After this report companies stopped featuring doctors in ads.

7. Make positive statements

A Research proved that positive slogans sell more than negative. Here is short read on study from Stanford. This study showed that under time constrain consumers are more motivated to purchase product that helps them to avoid negative outcome. On the other hand, consumers that have time to decide were more attracted to services that offers advanced features.

Make positive statements
Make positive statements

So, make a slogan that best describes the benefits you are offering. For example, FedEx "The world on time" is telling you they can deliver anywhere in the world and they will get it there on time.

8. Keep consistency

Consistency is what builds up your momentum. Those people or organizations that are not consistent fails very soon. Same is the case with slogan. If you are regularly changing your slogan just because you don't like it or your customers don't find it catchy, never do that. Nike's consistency has paid them off well, according to US report by center of applied research Nike was able to boost its worldwide sales from $877million to $9.2billion in ten years.

On the other hand, check out the list of camel slogans since 1910's to 2000's

9. Funny meaning in other language/country

Due to lack of market knowledge advertising in other countries becomes a failure. Your slogan may work locally or nationally but internationally it can become a terrible mistake. The reason is you haven't researched what your slogan means in other languages. It may sound funny or offensive to some people in other regions. For example, Coors is a regional division of world's third largest brewing company their slogan "Turn it loose" when translated into Spanish they found that it's a colloquial(informal) term for having diarrhea.

10. Online slogan generators

There are a lot of online slogan generators that will help you to generate a slogan. I will only suggest you to use them for getting an idea. Most of the slogans are irrelevant but you will find some good words that can fit in your slogan. For example

· Oberlo Slogan Generator

· Shopify slogan generator

· Slogan Generator

You will find many examples of slogan failures. You can learn a lot from these failures as they help us to understand how small mistakes leads to big failures. Moreover these are some examples of great successful slogans.


Creating a memorable slogan requires a lot of hard work. It's not a simple task but these tips will surely help you to create a memorable slogan. A great slogan not only inspires but also tells a story. A slogan should be long and strong enough to connect emotionally your business with customers mind. Skim through how Nike became successful through its memorable slogan smart advertisement. If you are stuck in creating slogan then use online slogan generators just to warm up your brain. They are helpful in getting an idea.

Let us know in the comment section below how helpful these tips are.

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